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The Show Tree Button: Show Cell Hierarchy

The Show Tree button in the Cell Menu brings up the Cell Hierarchy Tree window, which presents a tree diagram representing cell hierarchy. Each subcell is initially shown unexpanded, but these can be expanded by clicking on the expander symbol. Subcells can be unexpanded by clicking again in the same location. The glyph used to represent the expander is dependent on the GTK theme in use, and may take different forms. Clicking elsewhere in the line will select the subcell name, for use by the Info, Open, and Place buttons.

When the main drawing window is in CHD display mode, meaning that the Display button in the Cell Hierarchy Digests panel is engaged, the Cell Hierarchy Tree will display cells from the displayed CHD, rooted at the default cell of the CHD. Otherwise, the listing represents cells in memory, rooted at the current cell. The Tree button in the Cells Listing panel can also be used to display the Cell Hierarchy Tree, rooted at other cells in memory or in the displayed CHD.

Pressing the Info button will display information about the selected cell. In CHD display mode, this is information stored in the CHD when the CHD was created. In normal mode, this is the same Info window available in the View Menu. Initially, this window will contain information about the selected cell, though subsequent clicks in a drawing window will generate info about other objects.

The Open button is only available in normal display mode. Pressing Open will open the selected cell in the main drawing window, and make it the current cell for editing and selections.

The Place button, also available in normal display mode only, will pop up the Cell Placement Control panel, loaded with the selected cell. This enables instantiation of the cell. The Place button is not available in the Xiv feature set.

Pressing the Update button will rebuild the tree internally and redisplay. The tree does not automatically track changes in the cell hierarchy due to editing, the Update button can be used to update the tree manually if needed.

The label at the bottom of the panel provides an indication of the complexity of the tree. The total ``nodes'' would be the number of lines in the display if all items were expanded. The depth is the maximum hierarchy depth found.

The listing is a drag source. Cell names can be dragged and dropped into drawing windows, to display or edit that cell.

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Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28