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The wrspiced Daemon: Remote SPICE Controller

WRspice can be accessed and run from a remote system for asynchronous simulation runs, for assistance in computationally intensive tasks such as Monte Carlo analysis, and as a simulator for the Xic graphical editor. This is made possible through a daemon (background) process which controls WRspice on the remote machine. The daemon has the executable name ``wrspiced'', and should be running on the remote machine. This can be initiated in the system startup procedure, or manually. Generally, any user can start wrspiced, but only one daemon can be running on the host computer.

The wrspiced program is part of the WRspice distribution, and is installed in the same directory as the wrspice executable. The daemon manages the queue of submitted jobs and responses, and maintains the communications port. The wrspiced daemon will establish itself on a port, and wait for client messages.


Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18