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The rhost Command

The rhost command allows addition of host names which are available for remote WRspice runs.

rhost [-a][-d] [hostname]
This command allows manipulation of a list of host names which are available for remote WRspice runs with the rspice command. If no arguments are given, the list of hosts is printed. The -a and -d options allow a host name to be added to or deleted from the list, respectively. The default is -a. Hosts are added to the list if they have been specified in the environment or with the rhost variable, and a job has been submitted. The hostname can optionally be suffixed with a colon followed by the port number to use to communicate with the wrspiced daemon. If not given, the port number is obtained from the operating system for ``wrspice/tcp'', or 6114 if this is not defined. Port number 6114 is registered with IANA for this service.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18