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Property Specifications

In Xic, cells and database objects contain a list of number-string associations called ``properties''. These are used to store various pieces of information about the object. Some properties a used only by the internals of Xic and are not accessible to the user, while other properties can be set by the user to assign certain attributes to an object. The user will encounter properties primarily in electrical mode, as this is the means by which devices are assigned values, models, and other parameters.

The properties that are assigned by Xic, and/or have meaning to Xic are described if the following sections. Generally, the property numbers 7000 - 7199 are reserved by Xic, and property numbers in this range should not be assigned by the user. Also, property numbers in the range 7200 - 7299 correspond to ``pseudo-properties'' which are used to query or change the parameters of a physical object (see 10.1.2). These values should not be used for assigned properties.


Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28