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The !exec Command: Execute a Script

Syntax: !exec script
This command will execute a script. The argument is a string giving the script name or path. If the script is a file, it must have a ``.scr'' extension. The ``.scr''" extension is optional in the argument. If no path is given, the script will be opened from the search path or from the internal list of scripts read from the technology file or added with the !script command. If a path is given, that file will be executed, if found. It is also possible to reference a script which appears in a sub-menu of the User Menu by giving a modified path of the form ``@@/libname/.../scriptname''. The libname is the name of the script menu, the ... indicates more script menus if the menu is more than one deep, and the last component is the name of the script.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28