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The !polycheck Command: Check Polygons

Syntax: !polycheck [layer ...]
This command will test polygons for reentrancy and other defects. It takes a list of layer names as arguments, which will limit the testing to polygons on those layers. If no arguments are given, all layers will be used.

If polygons are selected before the command is given, only the selected polygons on the given layers (or on any layer, if no arguments are given) will be checked. If no polygons are selected, all polygons on the layers given (or on any layer if no arguments are given) will be checked.

If a polygon fails the test it will be, or remain, selected. The Info command in the View Menu can be used to determine the exact nature of the failure.

Duplicate vertices will be silently removed from the checked polygons.

The polygons may be repairable with the !polyfix command.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28