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The !checkgrid Command: Mark Off-Grid Vertices

Syntax: $\textstyle \parbox{5in}{{\tt !checkgrid} [{\tt c}] [{\tt o}] or\\
{\tt !check...
... -t} {\it bpw\_string\/}] [{\tt -d} {\it depth\/}]
[{\tt -f} {\it outfile\/}]}$
This is really two commands in one. The first mode checks objects in the current cell, and will mark off-grid vertices on-screen. The second mode will check vertices to all levels of the hierarchy.

The first form will mark vertices of objects and cells that are off-grid. The reference grid is the grid currently applied in the main drawing window. If there are selected objects, these (only) will be tested. Objects or subcells that have an off-grid vertex will remain selected, other objects will be deselected. If no testable objects are selected, all objects on visible, selectable layers will be tested. Cells will be checked if the `c' modifier is given. Objects or cells that have an off-grid vertex will be selected, and all off-grid vertices will be marked.

Giving the !checkgrid command with the `o' modifier (or `n' or `0' (zero)) will remove the marks from the screen.

If the first character of the argument string is `-', the second mode will be used. An argument containing a single `-' is valid to enforce this. The other possible arguments are listed below. All of these are optional.

The command will look at objects in the hierarchy, and if an object vertex would appear off-grid in the current cell, it will be listed in an output file.

-l layer_list
The argument is a space-separated list of layer names, which should be quoted if it contains more than one entry. Only objects on the listed layers will be checked, or if -s is also given objects on layers not listed will be checked. If not given, all layers will be used.

If a layer_list was given, objects on these layers will be ignored.

-g spacing
The spacing, in microns, is the assumed grid spacing. If not given, the value from the current grid setting will be used.

-b L,B,R,T
This specifies a rectangular region in the current cell where testable objects will be searched for. If not given, the entire cell will be searched. The coordinates are in microns, separated by commas with no white space.

-t bpw_string
This is a string consisting of one or more of the letters ``b'', ``p'', and ``w''. This indicates the type of objects to test: boxes, polygons, and wires. If not given, ``bpw'' is assumed.

Note: only the lower left and upper right vertices of boxes are tested, since the other two are redundant.

-d depth
This sets the maximum hierarchy depth to search for objects. If not given, all levels of the hierarchy will be searched. A zero value would search only the current cell.

-f outfile
This sets the name of the output file, which will contain a sorted list of off-grid vertices. If not given, the name of the current cell, suffixed with ``_vertices.log'', will be used. If the name is ``stdout'', output will go to the standard output (console window).

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Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28