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The !bincnt Command: Database Object Allocation

Syntax: !bincnt [layername [level]]
This is for debugging purposes, and for the curious.

This command prints some database statistics on the console window. If no layername is given, the layer examined will be ``$$'', the internal layer that contains subcell instances. The message will look something like

Cell noname Layer CSP
levels 3, nodes 7, frac 0.928571, items 46 (allocated 46)

This indicates that the tree structure for the data items on layer CSP has depth 3, 7 nodes other than the data nodes, occupancy fraction 0.93, and 46 data items, which matches the cached allocation number.

If a number follows the layer name, the enclosing bounding box for each sub-tree at the given level is transiently shown on-screen.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28