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P-Channel MOSFET, 3 Nodes

The pmos device is a p-channel MOSFET variation that contains three visible nodes (drain, gate, source). The bulk node is connected to an internal global node named ``PSUB''. To use this device, the circuit should contain a voltage source tied to a terminal device with label ``PSUB'' to provide substrate bias to all devices of this type. This simplifies the schematic by hiding the substrate connection to each transistor.

A model property should be added to specify a MOS model, suitable for 4-terminal devices. Some of the MOS models provided in WRspice, for SOI devices, use more than four terminals and will not work with this device. It is left as an exercise for the user to create a modified device suitable for use with these models. A param property can be added to specify additional parameters.

This device contains no hidden targets.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-05-28