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Circuit 3: Simple RTL Inverter

The following file determines the dc transfer curve and the transient pulse response of a simple RTL inverter. RTL was an early logic family which died out in the early 1970's. We could not think of anything more archaic, as WRspice does not contain a vacuum tube model.

The input is a pulse from 0 to 5 Volts with delay, rise, and fall times of 2ns and a pulse width of 30ns. The transient interval is 0 to 100ns, with printing to be done every nanosecond.

    Simple Resistor-Transistor Logic (RTL) inverter
    vcc 4 0 5
    vin 1 0 pulse 0 5 2ns 2ns 2ns 30ns
    rb 1 2 10k
    q1 3 2 0 q1
    rc 3 4 1k
    .model q1 npn bf 20 rb 100 tf .1ns cjc 2pf
    .dc vin 0 5 0.1
    .tran 1ns 100ns

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18