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The linearize Command

This linearize command is used to create linearized vectors from vectors whose scales are not evenly spaced.

linearize [vecname ...]
The command will force data from a transient analysis to conform to a linear scale, if the plot has been created using raw timepoints. This is the case only when the steptype variable is set to ``nousertp''.

The linearize command will create a new plot with all of the vectors in the current plot, or only those mentioned if arguments are given. The new vectors will be interpolated onto a linear time scale, which is determined by the values of tstep, tstart, and tstop in the currently active transient analysis. The currently loaded deck must include a transient analysis, or a tran command may be run interactively, and the current plot must be from this transient analysis. The variable polydegree determines the degree of interpolation.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18