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The show Command

The show command is used to display information about devices, models, and internal statistics.

show [-r|-o|-d|-n nodename|-m|-D[M]|-M] [args] [, parmlist]
If -r is given, system resource values are printed. The args are resource keywords as in the rusage and stats commands, and there is no parmlist. If there are no args, only total time and space usage are printed.

If -o is given, WRspice option values are printed. These values are obtained from the .options line of the current circuit, or have been set with the set command. If no args are given, the default is all. There is no parmlist.

If -d is given, or if no option is given, device parameters are printed. The args are device names, and the parmlist, which is separated from the device list by a comma, consists of device parameter keywords. The parameters are expected to apply to each device in the list. Both lists can contain ``globbing'' (wild-card) characters with similar behavior to globbing (global substitution) in the WRspice shell. Briefly, `?' matches any character, '*' matches any set of characters or no characters, ``[abc]'' matches the characters `a', `b', and `c', and ``a{bc,de}'' matches ``abc'' and ``ade''. Either the device args or the parmlist can be ``all'', and the default is ``all, all'' (``all'' is equivalent to `*'). Either the device args or the parmlist can be ``all'', and the default is ``all, all''. If the parmlist is the keyword ``none'', then no parameters are listed, only the devices with their resolved model names. This can be useful for determining which model is actually used for a MOS device, if L/W model selection is being used. The command ``show -d m*,none'' will display the name of the model used for each MOS device.

If -n is given, followed by the name of a circuit node, the output is in the same form as for -d however only devices connected to the named node are displayed.

If -m is given, model parameters are printed. The args are model names, and the parmlist is the list of model parameters to print. Wild-carding is accepted in both lists. The default is all, all. The parameters are expected to apply to each model in the list. See the entries for the various devices and models for the parameter names, or type the show command without a parameter list to see the current values for all available parameters for the devices or models mentioned.

Spaces around the ``,'' are optional, as is the ``,'' itself if no parameters are given. If no argument is given to the show command, all parameters of all devices in the current circuit will be displayed.

The -D and -M options are similar, but keywords and descriptions from the internal models are listed, and no values are shown. It is not necessary to have a circuit loaded, as it is with -d and -m. The args are single characters which key the devices in WRspice, such as `c' for capacitors, `q' for bipolar transistors, etc. . For devices with a level model parameter such as MOSFETs, an integer indicating the model level can follow the key argument, without any space.

If these options are given with no argument, the device or model info is printed for each device or model (both for ``show -DM'') found in the device library. If an argument is given, only the matching device or model will be be shown, but all of the parameters will be listed in addition. The -D option lists the instance parameters, and -M the model parameters, and -DM will list both. In the listing, the letters `RO' indicate a read-only parameter, which is a computed quantity not set in the instance or model lines. The letters `NR' indicate a parameter that can't be read, i.e., it is input-only. Recall that device parameters can be accessed as vectors with the @devname[param] construct. There is no parmlist for the -D and -M options.

For example, to print the resistance of all resistors in the current circuit, enter

show -d r*, resistance
The -d above is optional, being the default. To print the cbs and cbd parameters of mosfets m1-m4
show m[1-4], c
} To print the current value of the relative tolerance option, enter
show -o reltol
show -DM q m5
will list the instance and model parameters of bipolar transistors and level 5 (BSIM2) MOSFETs.

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