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The run Command

The run command initiates the analysis found in the deck associated with the current circuit.

run [file]
The command will run the simulation as specified in the input file. If there were any of the analysis specification lines (.dc, .tran, etc. ) they are executed. The output is put in file if it was given, in addition to being available interactively.

There are two file formats available, the native ``rawfile'' format, and the Common Simulation Data Format (CSDF) used by HSPICE. See the description of the write command (4.5.11) for information on format selection.

If a standard analysis run is in progress and halted with the stop command or by pressing Ctrl-C, the run command will resume that run. This applies only to standard analyses, and not margin analysis or loop analysis. Standard analyses started with the analysis commands tran, dc, etc. , will always start a new analysis, after clearing any paused standard analysis.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18