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The devls Command

This command lists currently available devices.

devls [key[minlev[-maxlev]]] ...

This commnd prints a listing of devices available for use in simulation, from the built-in device library or loaded as modules at run time. With no argument, all available devices are listed.

Arguments take the form of a key letter, optionally followed by an integer, or two integers separated by a hyphen to indicate a range. This will print only devices that match the key letter, and have model levels that match the integer or integer range given. Any number of these arguments can be given.

Example: devls c r1 m30-40

This will print all devices keyed by `c' (capacitors), all devices keyed by `r' (resistors) with model level 1, and devices keyed by `m' (mos) with model levels 30-40 inclusive.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18