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The sced Command

The sced command brings up the Xic graphical editor (if available) in electrical mode.

sced [filename ...]
This allows schematic capture, with most of the WRspice functionality directly available through the Xic interface. If the Xic graphical editor is not available for execution, this command will exit with a message indicating that Xic is not available. Otherwise, the sced command will bring up the schematic capture front-end with file filename, which must be an Xic input file (not a standard WRspice circuit file!). If the current circuit originated from Xic, that file will be loaded into Xic if no filename is given.

When Xic saves a native-mode top-level cell containing a schematic, the circuit SPICE listing is appended to the file. WRspice is smart enough to ignore the geometric information in these files and read only the circuit listing.

Xic can also be started from the Xic button in the Edit menu of the Tool Control window.

Stephen R. Whiteley 2022-09-18