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WRspice Commands

When a line is entered, it is interpreted in one of several ways.

  1. An alias
    First, it may be an alias, in which case the line is replaced with the result after alias substitution, and the line is re-parsed.

  2. A codeblock
    Second, it may be the name of a codeblock, which is a user-defined command obtained from a script file, in which case the codeblock is executed.

  3. A command
    Third, it may be a pre-defined command, in which case it is executed.

  4. An assignment, implivit let
    Fourth, it may be an assignment statement, which consists of a vector name, an `=' symbol, and an expression, in which case it is executed as if it were preceded by the word ``let''.

  5. A circuit filename, implicit source
    Fifth, it may be the name of a circuit file, in which case it is loaded as if with a source command, or it may be the name of a command script - WRspice searches the current sourcepath (search path) for the file and executes it when it is found. The effect of this is identical to the effect of ``source file'', except that the variables argc and argv are set.

  6. An opeerating system command
    Sixth, it may be a command known to the hosting operating system, in which case if the variable unixcom is set, it is executed as though it were typed to the operating system shell.

  7. An expression list
    Finally, if the command line can be recognized as a list of expressions, the print command is invoked on the line.

The following table lists all built-in commands understood by WRspice.

Control Structures
cdump Dump control structures for debugging
String Comparison and Global Return Value
strcmp Compare strings
strcicmp Compare strings, case insensitive
strprefix Check if string is prefix of another
strciprefix Check if string is prefix of another, case insensitive
retval Set the global return value
User Interface Setup Commands
mapkey Create keyboard mapping
setcase Check/set case sensitivity for name classes
setfont Set graphical interface fonts
setrdb Set X resources
tbupdate Save tool window configuration
wrupdate Download/install program updates
Shell Commands
alias Create alias
cd Change directory
echo Print string
echof Print string to file
history Print command history
pause Pause script execution
pwd Print the current working dirsctory
rehash Update command database
set Set a variable
shell Execute operating system commands
shift Shift argument list
unalias Destroy alias
unset Unset a variable
usrset Print list of internally used variables
Input and Output Commands
codeblock Manipulate codeblocks
dumpnodes Print node voltages and branch currents
edit Edit text file
listing List current circuit
load Read plot data from file
print Print vectors
printf Print vectors to logging file
return Return from script immediately, possibly with a value
sced Bring up Xic schematic editor
source Read circuit or script input file
write Write data to rawfile
xeditor Edit text file
Simulation Commands
ac Perform ac analysis
alter Change circuit parameter
alterf Dump alter list to Monte Carlo output file
aspice Initiate asynchronous run
cache Manipulate subcircuit/model cache
check Initiate range analysis
dc Initiate dc analysis
delete Delete watchpoint
destroy Delete plot
devcnt Print device counts
devload Load device module
devls List available devices
devmod Change device model levels
disto Initiate distortion analysis
dump Print circuit matrix
findlower Find lower edge of operating range
findrange Find edges of operating range
findupper Find upper edge of operating range
free Delete circuits and/or plots
jobs Check asynchronous jobs
loop Alias for sweep command
mctrial Run a Monte Carlo trial
measure Set up a measurement
noise Initiate noise analysis
op Compute operating point
pz Initiate pole-zero analysis
reset Reset simulator
resume Resume run in progress
rhost Identify remote SPICE host
rspice Initiate remote SPICE run
run Initiate simulation
save List vectors to save during run
sens Initiate sensitivity analysis
setcirc Set current circuit
show List parameters
state Print circuit state
status Print trace status
step Advance simulator
stop Specify stop condition
sweep Perform analysis over parameter range
tf Initiate transfer function analysis
trace Set trace
tran Initiate transient analysis
vastep Advance Verilog simulator
where Print nonconvergence information
Data Manipulation Commands
compose Create vector
cross Vector cross operation
define Define a macro function
deftype Define a data type
diff Compare plots and vectors
display Print vector list
fourier Perform spectral analysis
let Create or assign vectors
linearize Linearize vector data
pick Create vector from reduced data
seed Seed random number generator
setdim Set current plot dimensions
setplot Set current plot
setscale Assign scale to vector
settype Assign type to vector
spec Perform spectral analysis
undefine Undefine macro function
unlet Undefine vector
Graphical Output Commands
asciiplot Generate line printer plot
combine Combine plots
hardcopy Send plot to printer
iplot Plot during simulation
mplot Plot range analysis output
plot Plot simulation results
plotwin Pop down and destroy plot windows
xgraph Plot simulation results using xgraph
Miscellaneous Commands
bug Submit bug report
help Enter help system
helpreset Clear help system cache
qhelp Print command summaries
quit Exit program
rusage Print resource usage statistics
stats Print resource usage statistics
version Print program version

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