Jspice3 Circuit Simulator
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Jspice3 Circuit Simulator
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Jspice3 is a circuit simulator developed to meet the needs of researchers working with superconducting Josephson junction circuits, yet the program has the flexibility and power to meet the needs of other technologies.

Jspice3 is an adaptation of the Berkeley Spice3f4 program, with added features. One added feature is a built-in graphical input front end for schematic capture. While displayed, simulations can be run and data plotted through this graphical interface. While not as powerful or as pretty as the Xic graphical interface, it holds its own in functionality.

A significantly enhanced output plotting capability is provided, and Jspice3 has enhanced script interpretation capability.

Jspice3 provides the following basic analysis types:

  • DC Operating Point
  • DC Sweep (two dimensions)
  • AC
  • Noise
  • Distortion
  • Transfer Function
  • Sensitivity
  • Transient
  • Operating Range
  • Monte Carlo
The ac, noise, transfer function, and transient analyses can be performed at every point of a dc sweep using the "loop" analysis mode.

The Jspice3 built-in model library provides the following devices:

  • Bipolar Transistor
  • Capacitor
  • Junction Diode
  • Inductor and Coupled Inductors
  • JFET
  • Josephson Junction
  • Lossy Transmission Line (convolution model)
  • MOSFET (Berkeley Levels 1-3, 6, BSIM 1-2)
  • CRYO-MOSFET (Huynh model from U. C. Berkeley, level 8)
  • Resistor
  • Switch
  • Lossless Transmission Line
  • Lumped URC Line
  • Dependent and Independent Current and Voltage Sources
Jspice3 is supplied as source code which will compile on virtually any unix compatible system. A C compiler is required to build the executable program.

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